My Christmas present was late, but totally worth waiting for!

I’ve been madly working on the Layer Cake Sampler from Material Girl Quilts, and I have made some progress:

Trimmed all of the blocks (672 of them!) while waiting for my Christmas present to be installed. (More on that in a second.)

Then I made all these beautiful stacks of perfectly trimmed half square triangles.


I matched them into pairs for the blocks.

I found that I kept getting the position of the individual half-square triangles mixed up as I made the blocks, so I got out my Sewline Trio mechanical pencil and numbered the backs of each HST to keep them straight.



Only thing left is to finish putting the top together, I have the blocks sewn into rows and a few of the rows assembled. I should have the top completed later today.

Now, about that Christmas present…

There’s been a lighting issue in my sewing room since I moved rooms around last fall and turned my previous sewing room into the guest room, the previous guest room into my office, and my previous office into the sewing room. (That was super fun, involved moving things between floors and also required movers to carry my heavy-ass desk upstairs.)

Anyhow, for my gift, my guy had new lights installed in my sewing room for me, here is a before/after comparison of the difference:



Next up: I’ve joined the 2017 Finish Along, so I will have a list of links for that posted within the next day or two.

2 Replies to “My Christmas present was late, but totally worth waiting for!”

  1. I don’t think there is such a thing as “to much light”.
    Aren’t you a bit ahead of the game on the layer cake quilt along?

    1. Perhaps a smidge. I’m maybe going to see about getting it quilted in the next few days. I’ll just bring it as an example to the guild meetings every month for the year to motivate others.

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